Q. What is VIPER? (Video Identification Parade Electronic Recording)

A. VIPER® is a managed service which provides video identification parades to Police Forces throughout the UK. The VIPER® system replaced the old style live ‘line-up’ identification parade with a simple video process that uses volunteer video clips as stand-ins. The use of VIPER® has proved invaluable in numerous cases where there are vulnerable witnesses as it is less stressful to view a VIPER® parade rather than confront a suspect in person.

Q. What do I have to do if I volunteer to be recorded for inclusion onto the database?

A. At a volunteer recording session we will record multiple 15 second head and shoulder video clips of you. During this time you will be required to perform a head turn from left to right as instructed by a VIPER® officer allowing your side profiles to be viewed. These video clips will then be included onto the National Video Identification Database for use as stand-ins on identification parades.